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Wool Tag

Posted on April 5th, 2015 by admin

This is an active game where everyone takes part, which is played until everyone is caught.

Every one except the person who is ‘it’ has a short piece of wool tied around their arm.

There are two variations on this game:


One or more people are chosen to be ‘it’

Everyone else is free to run around the room and the person who is ‘it’ has to catch them and break their wool tag. Once caught, they help catch others.

The last person caught gets to be the one who is ‘it’ for the next game.

End To End:

Everyone is lined up at one end of the room and when the whistle goes they have to get to the opposite end without being caught and their wool tag removed.

When caught, they join the people in the middle and help catch others until everyone is caught.

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