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‘Viking’ Troop at Mullin ny Carty

Posted on September 18th, 2015 by admin
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DSCF0356Thursday evening found ‘Viking’ Troop, 1st. Malew Scouts taking up their temporary home at Mullin ny Carty as their Scout Hall is undergoing interior and exterior renovations.

To get the meeting warmed up before it went dark the Scouts played ‘Snooker with a twist’. This entails dividing them into teams and setting a time limit for the duration of play. Then the first team member has to find and bring back a ‘red’ item. The next member can then go and find a ‘colour’. The next then finds another red etc. until all 15 ‘reds’ have been played. DSCF0359they then have to ‘pot’ the colours in order.

The game is over when one of the teams ‘clears the table’ or time runs out. Add the score for a winner. A game for inside and outside or even both at the same time!

Once darkness fell the Scouts then made survival bracelets and in one case a survival woggle. This is a handy way of carrying (on average 3 metres of para cord) depending on the size of the wrist.

Note for leaders: The frames for making the bracelets cost about £25 each if you buy them. I made them from wood from an old pine bed frame scavenged from the re-cycle centre. The clips, screws, wing nuts, washers and bolts cost me just over £5. The only essential tool is a router to cut the slot, buy or borrow this item. The longer you make the slot the longer the survival bracelet or belt or dog collar you can make.

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