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The ‘Vikings’ take to the water or ‘Bridge over the Silverburn’

Posted on May 16th, 2016 by admin
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The Scouts were split into two teams, one each side of the river with an equal amount of rope, poles and crates. Their objective was to construct a VikingBridge2bridge to get their leader Roger from one side to the other dry shod (or else!).

The Scouts set to with a will and came up with a different construction method apiece. This was reminiscent of the film ‘Apollo 13’ where to help the astronauts the ground staff had to come up with a way to make a square filter fit a round hole and still work. They did it, and I bet there were a few ex-Scouts among them!VikingBridge5

The bridge faced its ultimate challenge and Roger got across without getting wet although it was touch and go towards the middle.

The Scouts did a great job bearing in mind they only had just over an hour and a half to get all the gear the 100 yards from Scout hall to river, unload, build, use it, dismantle it, load and get the gear back into store.

More time would have made a much more solid construction and less of a panicked expression on Roger’s face!

For more photos of the challenge see the photo gallery.

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  1. Well done Malew – good to see some proper Scouting!

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