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New Executive Committee 2017/2018

Posted on July 16th, 2017 by admin

Wednesday (13 July) was the Annual General Meeting of The Scout Association – Isle of Man. At the AGM executive was voted in or appointed. The new committee is:

Ex Officio

James Kite Chair
Guy Thompson Island Commissioner
Isabel Dorman Island Youth Commissioner
Kath Andrews Executive Secretary
Harley Shimmin Executive Treasurer

Elected (by Scout Council)

Alex Armstrong
Julian Ashcroft
Colin Brew
Penny Collier
Niomi Phillips
Neil Simpson

Nominated (by IC & Chair)

Paul Aldridge
Ian Faulds
Peter Kelly
Adam Killip
Bernard O’Kelly
Sam Styles

Right of Attendance

Regional Commissioner

Invited to Attend
(Nominated Youth Representative)

Daniel Phair

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