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Scouts help out the TT/MGP Association for 2016

Posted on May 25th, 2016 by admin

TTBagPack20162 On Sunday morning Scouts, Explorers and parents were at the TT grandstand helping with the preparations for this years TT races by packing the Marshals ‘goody bags’.

A production line was set up and the ‘packers’, after picking up a plastic bag, walked the length of the table placing each different item in the bag before handing it to the ‘box filler’ at the end. When the box was full a Scout would then load it into the associations van. In this way just over a 1,000 bags were filled, boxed and loaded in 1 hour 28 minutes.

A brilliant and worthwhile job done by everyone which was greatly appreciated by the TT Association. Without the Scouts help it takes them about a week to do the same job along with all the other things they have to do.

TTBagPack20161To keep keep the insanity at bay it was worked out that by the time the Scouts had packed all the bags they had walked the same distance as the TT start line to Quarter Bridge.

The Scouts then had a picture taken on the winners podium.

On finishing their work the Scouts were all given a goody bag of their own with TT Beeny hat and insuated mug along with other items.

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Viking Troop’s catapults are firing

Posted on May 23rd, 2016 by admin

viking-catapult3Down in the beautiful South (Ballasalla), ‘Viking’ Troop, 1st Malew Scouts continued with work towards their pioneering proficiency badge by constructing catapults.

Besides the use of the usual square and diagonal lashings a degree of ingenuity was shown by the use of a cardboard tube to provide a roller bearing for the catapult arm to pivot on and a kitchen ladle as the device to put the projectile in.

Leader Roger, having tested the Scouts previous bridging attempts by crossing first however declined their invitation to stand ‘down range’ to test the efficacy of the catapults!

Needless to say they did lob a tennis ball a goodly distance down the field.

To see more photos of the evening visit the photo gallery.

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The ‘Vikings’ take to the water or ‘Bridge over the Silverburn’

Posted on May 16th, 2016 by admin

The Scouts were split into two teams, one each side of the river with an equal amount of rope, poles and crates. Their objective was to construct a VikingBridge2bridge to get their leader Roger from one side to the other dry shod (or else!).

The Scouts set to with a will and came up with a different construction method apiece. This was reminiscent of the film ‘Apollo 13’ where to help the astronauts the ground staff had to come up with a way to make a square filter fit a round hole and still work. They did it, and I bet there were a few ex-Scouts among them!VikingBridge5

The bridge faced its ultimate challenge and Roger got across without getting wet although it was touch and go towards the middle.

The Scouts did a great job bearing in mind they only had just over an hour and a half to get all the gear the 100 yards from Scout hall to river, unload, build, use it, dismantle it, load and get the gear back into store.

More time would have made a much more solid construction and less of a panicked expression on Roger’s face!

For more photos of the challenge see the photo gallery.

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Photos from St. George’s Day in Peel 2016

Posted on April 20th, 2016 by admin

About 400 members were in Peel Sunday for the Island’s St. George’s Day celebration. It was a beautiful, sunny day. As the Island Chaplin, Ian Faulds, joked during the service, “The sun always shines  in Peel.”

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The Sun Shines on St. George’s Day

Posted on April 20th, 2016 by admin

12994406_10206578142474083_6858188077091165708_n About 400 members were in Peel Sunday for the Island’s St. George’s Day celebration. It was a beautiful, sunny day. As the Island Chaplin, Ian Faulds, joked during the service, “The sun always shines  in Peel.”

The groups paraded along the prom led by the Ellan Vannin Pipes & Drums to Peel Castle for the service.

The England Chief Commissioner, Alex Peace-Gadsby, visited the Island for the day to attend the service. The ECC presented three St. George’s Day awards during the service. Julian Ashcroft and Gillie Salway both were awarded the Silver Acorn which is awarded “In Recognition of Specially Distinguished Service”. Peter Kelly was awarded the Bar to the Silver Acorn in “Recognition of Further Specially Distinguished Service”. 12983361_10153418363905685_7960183708323373757_oCongratulation to each of you.

After the service each section enjoyed their own activities:

  • Beavers built their own Peel (sand) Castle on Peel Beach
  • Cubs hiked up Peel Hill where they had a picnic lunch
  • Scouts chose from kayaking, coasteering and a navigation challenge around Peel
  • Explorers had a 30 meter climb (just to give them a challenge) up from the South end of Peel Beach

Everyone had a great time.

To see more photos from St. George’s Day in the gallery.


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This years ‘Winter National’ competition at Malew

Posted on April 20th, 2016 by admin

DSCF0813_1843x1382Last Thursday at 1st. Malew Scout Hall found ‘Viking’ Troop playing host to Arbory Scouts at the annual ‘Winter national’ sports. The winter themed games competition is usually held during the first meeting after the Christmas holidays but were delayed due to the Scout Hall’s refurbishment.

The Scouts were put into teams of four and the evening commenced with the first themed game called “Avalanche!’. This consisted of each team shouting at the tops of their lungs and the result being measured with a decibel meter.The winning team managed an ear splitting 98 dB’s – this is like standing next to a jack hammer in full flow!

Other events included a ‘sledge race’, slalom skiing, snow shoe race, bob sleigh and ‘snow clearance’.

The last game also known as ‘Leaders revenge’ is where each team has to dispose of a litre of ice cream using tea spoons. Lots of brain freeze. Team ‘Have we lost yet’ where paradoxically the winners of the evening.

I am pleased to report a good time was had by all.

For more photos from the Winter National visit the gallery.

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