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Birkenhead Gang Show – 24th February 2017

Posted on November 15th, 2016 by admin

 Gaiety Theatre

Please pass the information to any leaders who:
– are not on Facebook
– do not read the website
– were not represented at the recent GSL meeting
The producers & directors of the Birkenhead Gang Show spoke with a group of leaders recently and they started rehearsals in Birkenhead recently. Although they have a plan of what the Isle of Man cast members will be doing it will greatly depend on how many cast members there are. Although they could work with 2 or 3, more performers would give them much more scope. They would be in the opening and closing numbers as well.
The plan is for the director to come to the island for a weekend in December (date to finalised). Please contact Colin Brew, Janet McCabe or Gil Salway with the list of cast members or if you have any questions.

What is required:



A minimum of 2 members of each group, Cubs or Scouts, but can be more if they are keen to be part of it (Sorry no Beavers) and 2 Explorers per Unit.


6 x Backstage – leaders/network members (over 18s only)
5 x Runners – these could be Explorers (we have 1 volunteer so far)
4 x Adult Dressers – female preferably (we have 3 volunteers so far)
6 x Front of House per performance (these could be Active Support members)
6 x Make Up
4 x Chaperones (over 18s only)
This is the desired numbers, they can work with a few less and they can always find roles for more if necessary. However they would prefer to sell any extras tickets and make the audience even bigger!
Cubs or Scouts who take part in the show as cast will qualify for their Entertainer Badge, any Explorers who are in the cast will get the Performing Arts Badge.

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Beaver Scouts’ 30th Anniversary Party

Posted on November 13th, 2016 by admin

Over one hundred Beaver Scouts from 1st Ballaugh, 1st Douglas Buggane, 1st Douglas Loaghtan, 1st Laxey, 2nd Onchan Tuesday, 2nd Onchan Thursday, 3rd Peel Tuesday, 3rd Peel Friday and 1st Santan joined together for a party to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the start of Beaver Scouting. This was held at Cronk Y Berry school on Sunday 23rd October.

During the afternoon the Beavers took part in various different activities such as paired indoor skiing; hockey penalties; ‘a Beaver in a reasonably priced car’; hoopla; whack the longtail; throwing bean bags into a beaver’s mouth; first aid and crafts. There were also games of head it catch it; the tube game; agility games and a bowls game.beaver30party-94

In addition, photos of Colonies and individual Beavers were taken alongside Shaun the Sheep which had been loaned for the afternoon by the Isle of Man Post Office.

What's a birthday without caes

What’s a birthday without cakes

After a refreshment break, the Beavers gathered together in one very large circle for a massive ‘pass the parcel’ game where several parcels were passed around simultaneously. After this there was a game of musical statues. Adam, a member of 5th Douglas Scouts provided the music for these games.

Everyone had a great time and the afternoon finished with every Beaver Scout and Leader being presented with a special 30th Anniversary Beaver woggle. All Beavers, Leaders and helpers also received cupcakes which were decorated with 30th Anniversary designs. These had been created by Debbie Cubbon a former Beaver Leader at 1st Marown. In addition each Colony collected specially designed cards which had been very kindly produced by the Isle of Man Post Office to celebrate the Anniversary. These cards will be written by the Beavers at future Colony meetings and then posted to someone to share the Anniversary celebration.

For lots of photos from the party visit the photo gallery.

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Scouts Rescue Dogs 

Posted on November 12th, 2016 by MarkIOM

Who let the dogs out…

Baden Powell once said “The good turn will educate the boy out of the groove of selfishness, and it could be said that his words are still ringing true to this day.

Yesterday I attempted an excavation for a key that was behind the sofa for an old bike lock, however, I’m not sure that’s what Lord Baden was referring to exactly. Earlier this weekend a group of 2nd Onchan scouts were hiking across Baldwin as part of their camp at Ard Whallin. The 8 scouts came acrosss two Golden Retriever dogs, Taffy and Nala whilst hiking over the baron terrain.

The dogs were clearly on their own. With no tags and no owner in sight the scouts decided the best thing to do was take them back to Ard whallin for the evening. Upon arriving back at the campsite the scouts quickly went about contacting the dogs owners from a Facebook appeal.

At this point,  I think my quest for the bike key became redundant.

Andrew, a leader, described the pair as “lovely, friendly and the scouts loved them.” Taffy and Nala were reunited with their owners the same night; all thanks to the scouts ingenuity.

It’s events like this that shows Baden Powell’s legacy still lives on throughout all levels of scouting. Society can learn that if we show care for each other, a good deed in a day can make for a better individual in the long run. A recent study by the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow found that adults with a Scouting background were less likely to be anxious or depressed in later life. Scouting teaches young people resilience and respect: skills which can be used throughout adulthood. Whether it’s rescuing dogs or a Beaver on their first night away from home, we can all take something from ‘Baden Powells legacy’

Now, I think I’ve lost that key again…
Mark O’Connor

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UK Chief Commissioner’s visit & Christmas party

Posted on November 8th, 2016 by admin

As you may know the UK Chief Commissioner, Tim Kidd, will be visiting the Island for the Peace Light Service on the 17th December. In the evening we will be having a Christmas party for all Leaders, Supporters, Network members and Explorers. This will be a great opportunity to chat with Tim as he is really keen to hear your views and what you get up to. It will also be a great opportunity to meet up with fellow leaders and celebrate another great year of Scouting on the Island.

Date: Saturday 17th December, 7:30pm
Location: 1st Malew Scout Hall, Mill Road, Ballasalla.

Please can everyone bring a plate of food for the buffet and if you would like to join in with Secret Santa bring a long a small gift, maximum £3, that would be suitable for anyone (remember there will be under 18s present).

I am keen for Tim to see how amazing Scouting is on the Island so I challenge Explorer Units and Network (and even Leaders if you want) to make a short video entitled – ‘Why i.Scout’. Think outside the box for this one, there will be a prize for the best video!

Look forward to seeing you there,

Izzy Dorman
Island Youth Commissioner

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Developing Friendship 

Posted on October 25th, 2016 by MarkIOM

The ‘Jamboree Blues’ are over

It’s now over a year since I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, the 2015 World Scout Jamboree, in Japan. With just over 40,000 scouts and guides on site there was plenty chance to interact  and understand different faiths and cultures; geographical and social borders were non existent over the three week period.

Making friendships while I was at the jamboree was amazing, giving me memories that will last a lifetime but, inevitably time moves on and so do people. Unit 56 from Merseyside of whom I travelled with are a close-nit bunch who still all keep in contact via social media.

Unit 56 on the Bullet Train

I don’t think I’ll ever experience freindship like this again with both my peers and the leaders involved. After the jamboree finished we have had many meetings such as camps and meals; It’s clear to see that the friendship is still strong. As our leader Rich would say “It’s quality”.

The jamboree doesn’t necessarily end when it officially ends. In the words of the late Freddie Mercury ‘the show must go on’. I’m a firm believer that friendship can take many forms and start from all sorts of places. Perhaps one person I’ve formed a close freindship with is Frankie.

On the jamboree site

On the jamboree site

It’s a scary thought that if I never applied for the jamboree, I would have never met some of the soundest people ever!

“Friendship knows no boundaries”

Walks to the Lake District

I’ve been on many adventures with Frankie; mountain climbing to mowing the lawn – the list seemingly endless. I loved every minute and I hope for future Jamboree participants that they can have amazing freindships that I’ve been lucky enough to have.


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Helpers and Supporters Not Covered by Scout Insurance

Posted on October 13th, 2016 by admin

If the helpers are injured in an accident themselves, they will not be covered under the Association’s Personal Accident and Medical Expenses Scheme (as with any member of the public involved in a Scouting activity).

Unity, Scout insurance service, recommends that Scout Groups buy extra cover for individuals who help out by adding them to the Personal Accident and Medical Expenses Scheme, and can arrange this for you.

This can cover non-members associated with your Group, such as helpers and instructors.

There are no differences in terms of the cover or level of benefits for Members and non-members covered under their separate policies.

Benefits are payable if an insured helper sustains bodily injury as a result of an accident which results in permanent injury or death. In addition to this, benefits are also provided if a member or insured helper sustains temporary disability as a result of an accident or illness contracted and diagnosed whilst staying away from home at any organised camp.

Cover is also provided for medical expenses as a result of an accident and cover for up to two relatives or friends who, on medical advice, are required to travel to and remain with the member or insured helper if they are hospitalised away from home.

Visit Unity’s website where you can find details of the additional coverage recommended.

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Peace Light Returns To the Island

Posted on October 4th, 2016 by admin

Once again The Peace Light is being brought to the Island. This year the Lieutanant Governor and Tim Kidd (the new Chief Commissioner of the UK (The Scout Association)) will be attending.

Peace Light BadgeRepresentatives of The Scout Association and Guiding in the Isle of Man will be travelling away and bring the Peace Light back to the Island. We are looking for 1 Scout, 1 Sea Scout, 1 Explorer, 1 Guide and 1 Senior Section.

We will travel out on Monday 12th December and return on Wednesday 14th December.

There is no cost involved, but refundable deposit of £50 is required which is returned on Sunday 18th December IF they attend the bag pack in the big Shoprite in Peel to raise money for the trip.

The young people picked will have the honour of representing the Island and receive an Island scarf, special woggle, hoodie and T-shirt.
They are expected to sell candles in St. Helens, return the Light via the Steam Packet and have several duties at the Service at St. Matthews, Douglas.

The young people must be aged 13+ and will enjoy an evening bowling at a local amusement arcade with local Scouts plus a day in Liverpool before their official duties begin.

The trip is classed as a school visit so no absences are recorded from school.
Please forward nominees to Julie Leece ASAP so the selection process can begin.

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1st Santan & 1st Malew Beavers at Mullin ny Carty

Posted on October 4th, 2016 by admin

img_2070On Thursday 29th September both Beaver Colonies held a joint meeting at Mullin ny Carty this was the opportunity for each beaver colony to meet new people and for leaders to interact with different leaders and colonies. The evening kicked off with the beavers scavenging for wood to make a fire with. Beavers and Leaders ran off gleefully to get suitable wood and to build a fire.

The Beavers were then asked how to make a fire they have lots of answers with how to do it and we tried different methods until one worked ????.

Whilst the fire grew the Beavers went to attempt the blind fold trail, working in pairs to help guide them the worked together to get round the tricky route with out falling over.

Once completed the Beavers returned to their fire to see that Henry of 1st Malew had looked after it and made it resemble something of a fire ????.

The Beavers then sat round the camp fire. They learnt about fire safety & what to do and then had the opportunity to roast marshmallows over the fire, everyone enjoyed it (with the help of the leaders).

A lot of fun was had by all and a huge thank you must go to Wendy Corkill of 1st Santan cubs for organising it. Hopefully this won’t be last time the two colonies join together for activities and 1st Santan would love to hear from other colonies who wish to join them in activities.

See more photos of the evening in the photo gallery.

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Cubs 100 Promise Party on 16th December

Posted on October 2nd, 2016 by admin

The official birthday of Cubs is widely seen as the 16th of December. This was the day in 1916 when the Wolf Cubs were launched. It would be a great end to the year if everyone could remake their Promise at 19:16 (7:16pm) on this date.

Cubs Scouts from across the Island are having their Promise Party at Ballakermeen High School, in the new canteen. They’ll be watching the recent Jungle Book film. As everyone in Cubbing should know, the Jungle Book has been an important part of Cubs since it was started 100 years ago.

The party will run from 6:15-9:00. There will be popcorn (can’t have a movie without popcorn), a drink and there will be a Cubs 100th birthday cake.

The information and permission form can be downloaded here.

Parent/Guardian Letter
Permission Form

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Beaver Scouts “Olympics”

Posted on August 28th, 2016 by admin

On the afternoon of Sunday 17th July 2016 an Olympics event was held at Gymn’s F.C. ground. This was the annual Beaver Scouts’ sports competition which this year had an Olympics theme. Each of the Colonies taking part had chosen to represent a country:- Ballaugh – China; 1st Douglas Buggane (Monday) – Scotland; 1st Douglas Loaghtan (Thursday) – France; Onchan (Tuesday) – Jamaica; Onchan (Thursday) – Brazil; Peel – Japan. Each Colony had a large flag of their country and the Beavers had made individual small flags too. The event started with a parade of the competitors around the field. This was led by an Olympic flag carried by one of the Beavers followed by the flags of the various countries with their competitors waving their own miniature flags as they joined the parade.

beaversportsday2016-03Apart from the running races, the events were not the typical Olympic ones. Instead there were egg and spoon races, sack races, ball and cup races, skipping races and space hopper races. In addition there was a running relay involving four Beaver Scouts from each Colony and the last race was a water relay where every member of each Colony took part.

The event was great fun for the Beavers. Numerous parents, grandparents, and younger brothers and sisters who had come along to watch and cheer on the Beavers also enjoyed the afternoon.

Points were awarded according to finishing positions in the races and the totals for the countries were compared at the end to determine the final positions. Every Beaver Scout who took part was presented with a medal and each Colony received a certificate. In third place was China (Ballaugh). In second place was Scotland (1st Douglas Buggane) and the winner was Brazil (Onchan Thursday). Onchan’s Beavers were presented with the Olympic flag, the large sports shield to hold for one year and a smaller replica for the Colony to keep.

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