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Photos from the Beaver Scouts’ 30th Anniversary Party

Posted on November 13th, 2016 by admin

Over one hundred Beaver Scouts from Ballaugh,1st Douglas Buggane, 1st Douglas Loaghtan, Laxey, Onchan Tuesday, Onchan Thursday, Peel Tuesday, Peel Friday and Santan joined together for a party to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the start of Beaver Scouting. This was held at Cronk Y Berry school on Sunday 23rd October.

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1st Santan & 1st Malew Beavers at Mullin ny Carty

Posted on October 4th, 2016 by admin

img_2070On Thursday 29th September both Beaver Colonies held a joint meeting at Mullin ny Carty this was the opportunity for each beaver colony to meet new people and for leaders to interact with different leaders and colonies. The evening kicked off with the beavers scavenging for wood to make a fire with. Beavers and Leaders ran off gleefully to get suitable wood and to build a fire.

The Beavers were then asked how to make a fire they have lots of answers with how to do it and we tried different methods until one worked ????.

Whilst the fire grew the Beavers went to attempt the blind fold trail, working in pairs to help guide them the worked together to get round the tricky route with out falling over.

Once completed the Beavers returned to their fire to see that Henry of 1st Malew had looked after it and made it resemble something of a fire ????.

The Beavers then sat round the camp fire. They learnt about fire safety & what to do and then had the opportunity to roast marshmallows over the fire, everyone enjoyed it (with the help of the leaders).

A lot of fun was had by all and a huge thank you must go to Wendy Corkill of 1st Santan cubs for organising it. Hopefully this won’t be last time the two colonies join together for activities and 1st Santan would love to hear from other colonies who wish to join them in activities.

See more photos of the evening in the photo gallery.

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Beaver Scouts “Olympics”

Posted on August 28th, 2016 by admin

On the afternoon of Sunday 17th July 2016 an Olympics event was held at Gymn’s F.C. ground. This was the annual Beaver Scouts’ sports competition which this year had an Olympics theme. Each of the Colonies taking part had chosen to represent a country:- Ballaugh – China; 1st Douglas Buggane (Monday) – Scotland; 1st Douglas Loaghtan (Thursday) – France; Onchan (Tuesday) – Jamaica; Onchan (Thursday) – Brazil; Peel – Japan. Each Colony had a large flag of their country and the Beavers had made individual small flags too. The event started with a parade of the competitors around the field. This was led by an Olympic flag carried by one of the Beavers followed by the flags of the various countries with their competitors waving their own miniature flags as they joined the parade.

beaversportsday2016-03Apart from the running races, the events were not the typical Olympic ones. Instead there were egg and spoon races, sack races, ball and cup races, skipping races and space hopper races. In addition there was a running relay involving four Beaver Scouts from each Colony and the last race was a water relay where every member of each Colony took part.

The event was great fun for the Beavers. Numerous parents, grandparents, and younger brothers and sisters who had come along to watch and cheer on the Beavers also enjoyed the afternoon.

Points were awarded according to finishing positions in the races and the totals for the countries were compared at the end to determine the final positions. Every Beaver Scout who took part was presented with a medal and each Colony received a certificate. In third place was China (Ballaugh). In second place was Scotland (1st Douglas Buggane) and the winner was Brazil (Onchan Thursday). Onchan’s Beavers were presented with the Olympic flag, the large sports shield to hold for one year and a smaller replica for the Colony to keep.

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Photos from St. George’s Day in Peel 2016

Posted on April 20th, 2016 by admin

About 400 members were in Peel Sunday for the Island’s St. George’s Day celebration. It was a beautiful, sunny day. As the Island Chaplin, Ian Faulds, joked during the service, “The sun always shines  in Peel.”

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The Sun Shines on St. George’s Day

Posted on April 20th, 2016 by admin

12994406_10206578142474083_6858188077091165708_n About 400 members were in Peel Sunday for the Island’s St. George’s Day celebration. It was a beautiful, sunny day. As the Island Chaplin, Ian Faulds, joked during the service, “The sun always shines  in Peel.”

The groups paraded along the prom led by the Ellan Vannin Pipes & Drums to Peel Castle for the service.

The England Chief Commissioner, Alex Peace-Gadsby, visited the Island for the day to attend the service. The ECC presented three St. George’s Day awards during the service. Julian Ashcroft and Gillie Salway both were awarded the Silver Acorn which is awarded “In Recognition of Specially Distinguished Service”. Peter Kelly was awarded the Bar to the Silver Acorn in “Recognition of Further Specially Distinguished Service”. 12983361_10153418363905685_7960183708323373757_oCongratulation to each of you.

After the service each section enjoyed their own activities:

  • Beavers built their own Peel (sand) Castle on Peel Beach
  • Cubs hiked up Peel Hill where they had a picnic lunch
  • Scouts chose from kayaking, coasteering and a navigation challenge around Peel
  • Explorers had a 30 meter climb (just to give them a challenge) up from the South end of Peel Beach

Everyone had a great time.

To see more photos from St. George’s Day in the gallery.


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1st Douglas Buggane Beavers win the Ten Pin Bowling Competition

Posted on March 20th, 2016 by admin

P1020580 (Copy)The annual Beaver Scouts’ ten pin bowling competition was held at the Surestrike bowling alley in Ramsey on Sunday 28th February 2016. Beaver Scouts from 1st Ballaugh, 1st Douglas Buggane (Monday), 1st Douglas Loaghtan (Thursday), 1st Laxey, 2nd Onchan (Tuesday), 2nd Onchan (Thursday), 3rd Peel and 1st Rushen took part and they all had a great time.

For some Beavers it was their first competition since joining their Colony and for some their first experience of ten pin bowling. For several Beavers it was the first time they had to bowl without the aid of the chutes. This all led to some very interesting bowling techniques!

The number of Beavers from each Colony was not restricted, so, as there were different numbers of participants from different Colonies, to decide the winner the average score for each Colony was calculated. 1st Douglas Buggane (Monday) won the competition last year and repeated the victory this year. They achieved the best average score of 67.0 which won them the Bowling Shield and Bowling Pin. In second place was Rushen and third was Onchan Thursday.

There were also trophies for the highest scoring Beavers. Jennifer Mordue, of 1st Douglas Buggane, won the trophy for the highest individual score for a Beaver aged under 7 , with a score of 95. The 7 and over trophy was won by Daniel Critchley of Rushen with a score of 94.

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