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3rd Peel Warrior Scouts

Posted on August 10th, 2017 by admin

3rd Peel Scout Group became ‘Warrior Scouts’ to attend Peel Carnival on Sunday. Despite the rain there was a good turnout.   This was the 4th consecutive year entering and their theme was Vikings and Celts.

Their committee also had a stall on the promenade with a very successful and popular ‘Play your Cards right’ game.

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St. George’s Day & The Victor Kneale Trophy

Posted on February 10th, 2017 by admin

Details for the Parade and Service are being finalised and should be out by the end of February.

The Parade and Service for 2017 will be held on Sunday 23 April 2017 (which is the last Sunday of the Easter School Holidays). We are Parading from Victoria Road School, Castletown (leaving at 2:30 pm) to King William’s College. The Service is due to start at about 3:00 pm and Parent Pick Up will be approximately 4:00 pm.

These details are just for your information – full confirmation of timings will be issued in due course.

The Victor Kneale Trophy

The Victor Kneale Trophy is for an annual Arts and Crafts Competition open to all Scouting Sections on the Isle of Man. This year’s competition will be judged on Sunday 23 April 2017, which is the day of the Island St. George’s Day Parade. All entries will help form part of the Parade. The Competition this year is to design a Flag or Banner.

Download complete information here Victor Kneale Competition 2017


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Beaver Scouts’ Five-a-Side Football Competition 2017

Posted on February 8th, 2017 by admin

Beaver Scouts from nine Colonies namely Ballaugh, 1st Douglas Buggane, 1st Douglas Loaghtan, Malew, Onchan Tuesday, Onchan Thursday, Peel Tuesday, Peel Friday and Rushen took part in the five aside football competition held at the Tommy Clucas Sports Hall, Peel on Sunday 29th January.

Some Colonies entered more than one team, so there were twelve teams altogether which were split into two leagues with each team playing all the others in its group. The winner in each league qualified for the final. The Beavers had a great time and enjoyed some very exciting games. Some teams were very evenly matched so several games ended in draws. During the afternoon 49 goals were scored.

Before the final a penalty competition was held. Aaron Rumney, a young Leader from Onchan, agreed to be the goalkeeper and every Beaver Scout took turns to try to score a penalty against him. Those who were successful went through to the next round to try to beat the goalie again. Three Beaver Scouts tied for first place. They were Henry form 1st Douglas, Jack from Onchan Thursday and Max from Peel.

Ballaugh and Onchan Thursday ‘Bulls’ topped their leagues so went on to play each other in the final.. Both teams played brilliantly and at full time there was no score. The game continued into extra time and Vinnie Wood scored his tenth goal of the day and the winning goal for Onchan Thursday ‘Bulls’.

The winners, Onchan Thursday ‘Bulls’, were presented with the Football Shield and a replica and Ballaugh received a runners up trophy. All the Beavers in the final were awarded medals as were the three Beavers who won the penalty contest.

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Beaver Scouts’ 30th Anniversary Party

Posted on November 13th, 2016 by admin

Over one hundred Beaver Scouts from 1st Ballaugh, 1st Douglas Buggane, 1st Douglas Loaghtan, 1st Laxey, 2nd Onchan Tuesday, 2nd Onchan Thursday, 3rd Peel Tuesday, 3rd Peel Friday and 1st Santan joined together for a party to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the start of Beaver Scouting. This was held at Cronk Y Berry school on Sunday 23rd October.

During the afternoon the Beavers took part in various different activities such as paired indoor skiing; hockey penalties; ‘a Beaver in a reasonably priced car’; hoopla; whack the longtail; throwing bean bags into a beaver’s mouth; first aid and crafts. There were also games of head it catch it; the tube game; agility games and a bowls game.beaver30party-94

In addition, photos of Colonies and individual Beavers were taken alongside Shaun the Sheep which had been loaned for the afternoon by the Isle of Man Post Office.

What's a birthday without caes

What’s a birthday without cakes

After a refreshment break, the Beavers gathered together in one very large circle for a massive ‘pass the parcel’ game where several parcels were passed around simultaneously. After this there was a game of musical statues. Adam, a member of 5th Douglas Scouts provided the music for these games.

Everyone had a great time and the afternoon finished with every Beaver Scout and Leader being presented with a special 30th Anniversary Beaver woggle. All Beavers, Leaders and helpers also received cupcakes which were decorated with 30th Anniversary designs. These had been created by Debbie Cubbon a former Beaver Leader at 1st Marown. In addition each Colony collected specially designed cards which had been very kindly produced by the Isle of Man Post Office to celebrate the Anniversary. These cards will be written by the Beavers at future Colony meetings and then posted to someone to share the Anniversary celebration.

For lots of photos from the party visit the photo gallery.

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Photos from the Beaver Scouts’ 30th Anniversary Party

Posted on November 13th, 2016 by admin

Over one hundred Beaver Scouts from Ballaugh,1st Douglas Buggane, 1st Douglas Loaghtan, Laxey, Onchan Tuesday, Onchan Thursday, Peel Tuesday, Peel Friday and Santan joined together for a party to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the start of Beaver Scouting. This was held at Cronk Y Berry school on Sunday 23rd October.

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1st Santan & 1st Malew Beavers at Mullin ny Carty

Posted on October 4th, 2016 by admin

img_2070On Thursday 29th September both Beaver Colonies held a joint meeting at Mullin ny Carty this was the opportunity for each beaver colony to meet new people and for leaders to interact with different leaders and colonies. The evening kicked off with the beavers scavenging for wood to make a fire with. Beavers and Leaders ran off gleefully to get suitable wood and to build a fire.

The Beavers were then asked how to make a fire they have lots of answers with how to do it and we tried different methods until one worked ????.

Whilst the fire grew the Beavers went to attempt the blind fold trail, working in pairs to help guide them the worked together to get round the tricky route with out falling over.

Once completed the Beavers returned to their fire to see that Henry of 1st Malew had looked after it and made it resemble something of a fire ????.

The Beavers then sat round the camp fire. They learnt about fire safety & what to do and then had the opportunity to roast marshmallows over the fire, everyone enjoyed it (with the help of the leaders).

A lot of fun was had by all and a huge thank you must go to Wendy Corkill of 1st Santan cubs for organising it. Hopefully this won’t be last time the two colonies join together for activities and 1st Santan would love to hear from other colonies who wish to join them in activities.

See more photos of the evening in the photo gallery.

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