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British Bulldog (and variants)

Posted on April 5th, 2015 by admin

This is an active game which can get a little rough, but there are several variations on the basic game which are less dangerous.

Classic British Bulldog

This is an ‘end to end’ game where the people taking part have to get from one end of a room to the other.

One person is chosen to be in the middle of the room, whilst the others have to get to the opposite end of the room without being caught.

In the classic game, the person in the middle has to catch someone as they run to the opposite end, then lift them clear of the ground and shout ‘British Bulldog’. A safer variation is to simply hold the person who was caught and shout ‘British Bulldog 123’

The people who are caught then become catchers and help in the middle.

Tip: Catch the small ones first!

Chalk Bulldog

Same as above except the catcher puts a chalk cross on the shoe of the person that he/she caught. The shoe doesn’t need to be actually on the foot of the person who was caught for it to count.

Mat Bulldog

As ‘British Bulldog’ but you place a mat in the centre of the room and the ‘catcher’ pulls the person they catch into contact with the mat. NB Any contact with the mat renders the person caught, even if they simply touch it when running past.

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