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Bear Grylls the Theme of the Island Cub Scout Camp

Posted on June 28th, 2015 by admin
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A group of Cub Scouts is waiting to taste the fish and rabbit they watch being prepared by Anthony (17) from Douglas Explorers

A group of Cub Scouts is waiting to taste the fish and rabbit they watch being prepared by Anthony (17) from Douglas Explorers

185 Cub Scouts from across the island camped at Crossags Campsite in Ramsey this past weekend. The theme this year was bush craft, survival and back woods camping, Bear Grylls style. Arriving on Friday evening the Cubs had a busy weekend climbing, shelter building and backwoods cooking just to name a few.

One of the popular activities on Saturday was learning how to light a fire with a fire starter (flint & steel) and the climbing tower, which is 8m high. The Cubs visited a number of activity bases where the not only learned and practice new skills, but also were given a related item to add to the survival kit (such as a compass and their own fire starter).

The highlight of any camp is the campfire on Saturday night.  The campfire was led by Justin Cowin, who is also the Assistant Island Commissioner for Cubs. He led over 215 Cubs and leaders in songs and cheers.

It was first time at camp Isabel (9) from 1st Ballaugh.  “I really liked when we did the cooking.” While talking about the growth of girls in Cub Scouts Isabel suggested that maybe it’s just that “girls like the outdoors more than boys.”  For many Cubs this was there first time at camp, but it likely won’t be their last.

Mark Bentley has been the Cub Scout Leader at 3rd Peel. “I think it’s equally as much fun for the leaders as it is for the Cubs.” Mark has been a leader in the Cub Pack for about a year now. He says, “Being a Cub leader is a great stress buster.”

By Sunday afternoon it was all over for another year. As everyone left it was difficult to know they were all there. Part of the camping code for Scouts is “Leave no trace. Take nothing but memories.”  Ask anyone that was a Cub or Scout and they will gladly share their memories of their first of many camps.

Bear Grylls said, “One of the reasons I became a Scout was to spend more time with friends in the outdoors. It’s among the greatest experiences in life and should be accessible to everyone.”

Cub Scouts are girls and boys aged 8 yrs. To 10½ yrs., but all scouting is open to 6 yrs. to 25 yrs. Visit and find out about a Scout group near you. There are groups all over the island. Join the adventure.

To see more photos from the weekend see the event’s gallery.

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